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Alive Brands Australia.

About Us.

Alive Brands Australia is all about helping people to optimise well-being. We are on this planet for a very short time and good physical and mental health is so important to enjoy a fulfilling life.

We are passionate about helping people to be at their best, and we do this by providing carefully and ethically sourced, certified organic health food supplements and body care products.

Quayne and Pieta Sim

Our Products.

Ezy Protein is a single-source, organic wholefood without fillers or artificial additives. It is also completely hypo-allergenic and  suitable for a wide range of clean, organic wholefood diets.

Ezy Flora Daily Prebiotic and Probiotic Powder is made using 11 Certified Organic, 100% raw wholefoods that have been fermented with muIti-strain Probiotic cultures.

Certified Organic

Plant Based Well-being